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by Holly

1. Google Poetics, blog

Did you know that underneath the no-nonsense demeanor of the Google search engine rests a lonely poet just aching to purge its prose onto your unfinished inquiry? Well, if you didn’t know, now you know for I give you Google Poetics.


Google Poetics is a Finnish blog that screencaps Google’s attempt to finish the thought of whatever the user is typing, and when I say screencap I really mean document four lines of heartfelt poetry that Google has been just dying to release toward a listening ear.


The creators suggest there is something deeper to ponder about these simple poems because they wouldn’t exist without several people around the world typing in these exact thoughts. This makes me want to wrap humanity in a lavender Snuggie and say, “Hey kid, it’s gonna be okay.”


Me too, GP. Me too.

2. “Way I Walk” by The Cramps at California State Mental Hospital, 1973

This past Wednesday, Poison Ivy of The Cramps turned 60. To celebrate, I did some video searching and came across footage of the whole gang performing “Way I Walk” at the California State Mental Hospital on June 13, 1973. Way cool.

"And we drove 3,000 miles to play for you people and somebody told me you people are crazy, but I’m not so sure about that. You seem to be alright with me."

R.I.P. Lux. Happy Birthday, Ivy. 

3. El Oasis, taco truck in Lansing

Here at RetroDuck, we eat a lot of burritos. And while we love our burrito chains, we’re also big fans of El Oasis, a taco truck located at Michigan Ave and N. Francis on Lansing’s east side.

image^That Augusta Morrison is one cool taco! 

If you haven’t checked out El Oasis yet, I highly recommend it. Good food for cheap, and their salsa verde is utterly delicious. Also, food trucks are super trendy right now, but that’s beside the point. Right?

4. Eugenia Loli, collage artist

Collage artists can often be less respected than artists with other mediums because of its accessibility and general “easiness”. When a collage artist, such as Eugenia Loli, is dang good at cutting and pasting, they can do no wrong in my book.


Loli was born in Greece but now works as a filmmaker and artist in California. She’s also worked as a technology journalist, which shows in the eery sci-fi vibe of her work.

Each collage is entirely different and provides social commentary on ideas such as gender roles, familial relations, and general societal interactions.

image"Business Lunch on Titan’s Orbit"

If you’re into her work, you can purchase prints, postcards or even an iPhone case here.

5. Frozen Lighthouses on Lake Michigan, photo series

As Michiganders, we are often forced to whine about the weather. As we await the blissful days of spring, our frozen tears only making us stronger. Why not rid these water droplets for a few moments to gaze at stunning pictures of lighthouses on Lake Michigan that have been engulfed by gigantic waves, only leaving them looking like the homes of Jack Skellington and his Halloween Town neighbors?


Tom Gill does an excellent job at portraying these chilled excursions at their finest. It makes me cold just looking at them.


View the entire gallery of images here.

That’s all for this week, until next time.


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